Passive house that survived the war

This is a story about a small family house near Kyiv, which was at the epicenter of hostilities in Ukraine.

Three days after the start of the war, the region in which this house was located was without power supply. It was the month of February and outside the window the temperature did not exceed -3 Celsius.

People could not go outside because of the constant shelling, they could not leave, because. all roads were blocked and the streets were in chaos. The whole world heard the names of the cities of Bucha and Irpin… It was there that the events with our house took place.

People were completely cut off from the world, telephone communications also disappeared. Being 10 km from the capital, people could not buy groceries or charge their phones. All they had to do was wait. And no one knew how much. And they had to wait a whole month.

It was a difficult time and it is at this time that you begin to understand that there are no too strong houses, too warm houses, you begin to understand that autonomy is never excessive.

The house was designed and built by Danica Construction in 2019 and a young family with a child has been living there for two years now.

Daily Inspiration

Our acquaintance with the owner of the house has been going on for many years, he carefully and for a long time chose the material from which he wanted to build a house and many times visited our stand at the exhibition. During the architectural design phase of his house, Danica Construction and the owner of the house sought to find the perfect balance between savings and energy efficiency. As a result, this house was experimental in many ways. For example, remote mounting of windows was carried out by local expert Roman Evglevsky using a new technique that he himself developed. For this, he used half-truss consoles, which he mounted in a monolithic wall of the house, and the window profile itself was placed in the insulation zone. Thus, the thermal resistance of the Veka window profile itself increased many times over, because it turned out to eliminate all cold bridges. The flat roof was made of wooden trusses, in which ventilation channels passed and filled with environmentally friendly insulation.

We did not have time to review this house, although we had been gathering for a long time, when the war came.

Unfortunately, solar panels were not installed in this house, so it was completely devoid of heating sources, because previously only a low-power electric boiler was enough for it. The owner did not even install a heat pump, because. energy consumption for heating the house was miserable and the payback period of the heat pump exceeded the life of this heat pump.
These were justified costs, because the house turned out to be incredibly warm. It has a fully insulated foundation, while the walls are insulated with 300mm of neopor, and this is the maximum thickness of insulation that has ever been used in Ukraine.

Architecturally, the house has been designed to maximize the use of passive solar heat in winter.

Now some facts.
Neighboring houses cooled down in about a week. In some houses, after two days the temperature dropped below +8
The house of our client, having no heating sources, showed the following results:
Day 1 – The temperature hasn’t dropped at all, 23 Celsius
Day 4 – temperature 21.5
Day 7 – temperature 19
14 day – temperature 16 at night
The remaining two weeks the temperature in the house was 16-18 degrees, and then spring came.

„Architecturally, the house has been designed to maximize the use of passive solar heat in winter.“

Anastasiya Brovarnyk – architect

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When their house was given electricity, Alexander called Danica, told his story and thanked him for passing the most serious test imaginable in his house.

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