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We are a team of enthusiasts who every day make their contribution to the development of energy efficient technologies.

Our Story

Since 2012, we have been designing and building energy efficient houses up to the passive house standard. On this long journey, we have created our own set of tools, which has been highly appreciated by world experts. We took part in numberless exhibitions showing products and sharing ideas. We grew up as a team.
Now our country is under attack so we had to move abroad making new overseas business.
We strive to grow in new countries, share experience, look for new partners and customers

What we do

We offer unique solutions created by us and regularly updated.
Blocks of fixed formwork presented on our website are the development of our team, they are protected by trademarks and patents for invention.
We have partners – architects, designers, engineers from Ukraine who can deliver high quality services remotely.

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If you are related to energy efficiency or want your new project of an energy efficient home, then you have come to the site you need.

With us you will receive a free consultation on a topic of interest and will be able to see all the benefits of energy-efficient housing today
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Want your own business ? We can help! we manufacture and supply with machinery to produce passive house blocks in your country
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