Energy balance

Balance scope

Energy is a conserved quantity – it is never just lost. However, it can leave the system in which the energy is used. This is commonly described as an energy loss. Strictly speaking, the energy still exists but is in another form and another place. Losses such as this can occur in a building, for example by heat flowing from the inside to the outside through ventilation and transmission. Energy losses therefore largely determine the energy demand. In this context, the energy demand is the quantity of energy used to keep the interior of the building at a comfortable temperature level (heating, cooling).
A building can also accumulate energy. For example, the interior may heat up due to the presence of people and the waste heat from the equipment. Solar radiation can enter through a window and carry heat energy into the room. In addition to these passive internal and solar gains, active technical components integrated into the building, such as photovoltaic panels forming part of the facade, can create energy.
The balance scope has the task of meaningfully differentiating the above-described complex systems of
energy transfers, losses, and gains for each of the uses. It circumscribes the extent of the assessment and prioritizes the individual needs. Buildings consume a great deal of energy and therefore the EnEV addresses their operation and assesses every use of energy required to create

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Passive house that survived the war

This is a story about a small family house near Kyiv, which was at the epicenter of hostilities in Ukraine.

Three days after the start of the war, the region in which this house was located was without power supply. It was the month of February and outside the window the temperature did not exceed -3 Celsius.

People could not go outside because of the constant shelling, they could not leave, because. all roads were blocked and the streets were in chaos. The whole world heard the names of the cities of Bucha and Irpin… It was there that the events with our house took place.

People were completely cut off from the world, telephone communications also disappeared. Being 10 km from the capital, people could not buy groceries or charge their phones. All they had to do was wait. And no one knew how much. And they had to wait a whole month.

It was a difficult time and it is at this time that you begin to understand that there are no too strong houses, too warm houses, you begin to understand that autonomy is never excessive.

The house was designed and built by Danica Construction in 2019 and a young family with a child has been living there for two years now.

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