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Non-removable formwork

Passive House Block®

That brings outstanding and non comparable efficiency. Unique product that has proven its reliability, cost savings and the best energy efficiency on the market.

Passive House Block

Our partners


Discover energy efficiency with us

Through years of experiments we’ve gained experience and knowledge and become real experts in making top energy efficient houses.

And today we share our knowledge and look for partnership worldwide.

Walls and foundation

Non-removable formwork with built-in insulation for walls and foundation

Doors and Windows

Support Console FOPPE_VSThermo – a system for installing windows in the insulation zone without thermal bridges

Facade innovations

New modified clay as a green alternative in cladding

Drawings of passive house nodes

We create, we test, we share. You can download our developments in the form of energy-efficient solutions and passive house components for free


Let’s build great things together

Over the past 11 years, we have built a number of successful projects and are expanding our dealer network. We are currently also considering franchising production outside of Ukraine


houses built





time-tested innovations

on top of energy efficiency

Passive House Block has shown outstanding results in the energy efficiency of the constructed buildings.
The practical experience gained allows us to say that this is one of the best materials for housing construction in the world.

passive hose block

Non-removable Formworks

Unique products designed for hi-end energy efficient houses. Neopor used as insulation part has Green Guard Gold certificates all over the world
support console passive house

Support Consoles

Materials for installing windows in a layer of thermal insulation.

flexible ceramics

Flexible ceramics

combining 3 stages of construction at once, the fixed formwork block can significantly reduce the cost

Press & Awards

Award winning design solutions

Our partners are making history by winning design competitions, achieving record-breaking energy efficiency results, and we have also been chosen by USAID as a reference product for training architects in energy efficiency